Raise your hand if you think the tween years can be challenging! The goal of the THIS IS ME project is to help as many tweens, and in turn their parents, flip the switch on what it means to be at this awkward time in their lives. Tweens aren't kids anymore, but they aren't quite teenagers. There is a lot of pressure to fit in, and as parents we are often lost when it comes to helping them see their own worth.

THIS IS ME sessions will highlight all that is fantastic about your tween, right now. The experience will be fun and empowering from start to finish. I will get to know them in advance, and ask them to bring something to the session that they are passionate about. (Not their smart phones!) Unbeknownst to the tweens, I will also survey family, friends and other mentors.

The final product, a combination of text and images, will be incredibly impactful. A keepsake box, or an album, that your tween will be able to hold and see which will remind them, every time they look at it, how much they are loved. 

It is important to show our children that the things that make them different are the same things that will make them unique and successful in their future endeavors. I can't wait to start this project with you!

This is Me

tween Sessions

Own who you are and embrace the
person you are becoming...

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charities that support teen mental health and wellness.